Community Outreach

At Family First Vision Care, we believe strongly in giving back to the community and caring for the eyes of all those in need. Outreach programs represent an opportunity to show the community the level of commitment our optometrists have to their community.

Dr Chima School Visit (1632 x 1224)“I had the privilege of visiting Thomas Elementary in Dublin, Ohio to present about ocular health and the importance of routine eye exams to second graders through an initiative called RealEyes by the Ohio Optometric Association. It was an absolute pleasure meeting the staff and the students, who displayed such enthusiasm for learning. One in four children has some form of a vision problem.

These problems can go undetected by vision screenings, and often times they can negatively impact a child’s learning, sometimes being mistaken for a learning disability. The best way to make sure a child’s vision is where it needs to be to have an enriched life is through a comprehensive eye exam.” Dr Harmin Chima.